An agreement of LICENCSE is an association between an owner of the intelectual property rights (LICENSOR) and other party who receives the authorization of usage of those rights (LICENSEE) in exchange of an agreed payment (ROYALTY) 

The Licensing industry moves around 251.8 billions of dolars annualy in retail sales globaly according to EPM International Licensing: A Status Report 2014 fromo which Latinoamerica represents 3% and Mexico reports aproximatly 1.4 billons of dolars.

Benefits of Licensing

  • Difference with other products
  • New distribution channels
  • Product innovation in the market
  • Sales increse
  • Add value compared to a generic product
  • Exclusivity
  • Market segmentation

Where can we use a License?

The fiels of usage of a License is infinit, all the products and services can be benefited with this marketing tool. Here some examples:

  • Promotionals
  • Services, banks, restaurants, insurance companies
  • Entertainment products, movies, videogames, television shows
  • Clothes, textiles, shoes
  • Plastic articles, home products
  • Health & Beauty products
  • Food & Beverages products
  • Art, Design

Where can we obtain more information about Licensing?

The book "Los 10 mandamientos del licensing" (the 10 commandments of licensing) is an excelent tool where it explains detailed how a brand must develop, how you can add it to a product, how you hac sell more. Whant to get the book?

LIMA México, Promarca Chapter

PROMARCA, Asociación Mexicana de Promoción y Licenciamiento de Marcas
LIMA, Licensing Industry Merchandisers´s Association 

Its an association created to motivate and to develop a better culture in the Licensing Industry in Mexico, promoting the growth and the knowledge and professionalism of this Industry. Also to protect the Brands that are used in the country. PROMARCA, is represented by owners and/or agents of different Brands, interested in promote the usage of a license as a sales strategy, also to obtain acknowledgment as an institution specialized in the subject.

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