Support Organisms

We thank the following organisms for all the suppport that have given us, without them the evento would not be a point of reference for the licensing industry and it would not be possible to do it.

Expo Licencias y Marcas is supported by the Mexican Association for Brand Promotion and Licensing PROMARCA. Beginning with the 2016 Expo, an alliance was signed between PROMARCA and the American Association, Licensing Industry Merchandisers´Association LIMA to form the LIMA MEXICO PROMARCA CHAPTER, in order to promote the concept of the licensing and legal use of figures and brands in products and services.


Mexican Association for Brand Promotion and Licensing, representes the main agents and owners of brands and characters in Mexico. Its mission is to elevate the growth and development of the legar use of licenses in Mexico.

The internatinoal Licensing Industry Merchandisers´Association is the main commercial organization for the global licensing industry.

Is defined as one of the trade associations with the greatest tradition in Mexico. Internationally, its intense activity and presence in forums has made it worthy of being considered the national group for the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is a decentralized public agency with legal personhood and its own equity and with the legal authority to manage the industrial property system in our country

National Institute of the Author Rights, decentralized body in charge of protecting and promoting author rights; promoting creativity, controlling and managing the public registry of author rights, keeping the nation´s cultural heritage updated, and promoting international cooperation and exchange with institutions in charge of registering and protecting author rights and related rights.

Is the federal government body in charge of coordinating strategies directed towards strengthening the participation of Mexico in the international economy, supporting the exporting process of established companies in our country, and coordinating actions aimed towards attracting foreign investment.

Support Organizations